• 1,221 US dollars
  • Authenticity. Love. Inspiration. Gratitude. Nourishment.
    1,221 US dollars

Hello everyone and welcome to the launch of ALIGN: Authenticity. Love. Inspiration. Gratitude. Nourishment. A new retreat held in Mount Shasta September 10th-14th. 

It is with loving intention that we welcome you to join our upcoming retreat.

We’re going to be staying at the beautiful Headwaters Lodge, a retreat center near the base of Mount Shasta.

So what is this retreat about?


This Retreat is all about;




Divine Embodiment 







Creative Expression 




Self-Worth and Love  




Intention Setting 


Here are some more details;

This is not your typical retreat, we are diving deep into alignment routines that will allow you to deeply connect with your higher self knowing. In the mornings we will rise in gratitude and meditation, creative journaling, Cacao and Tea ceremony, movement medicine & chanting. Alysha will be leading our morning routines with Joshua who will be holding powerful healing presence for the group and providing extra support for anyone who may need 1-1 time. The alignment practices shared will help you raise your vibration into a state of receiving and flow, allowing for the magic of the moment to reveal itself to you and connecting you to your sacred heart truth.


Throughout the weekend we will be eating delicious plant-based meals planned and prepared by our personal chef Kristen whose passion is to create meals that revitalize, harmonize, and gratify those that she cooks for. She is a voice for Mother Earth in all that she creates and provides support and guidance to all who feel called to dive deep into their heart and Soul. We are so blessed to have her sow her loving intentions into our meals and hold powerful light for the group. 


After morning practices and breakfast, we will be going on fun and activating adventures which include trips to Stewart Mineral Springs, Mount Shasta, and Castle Lake. We will also be connecting with our inner child play and painting a fun surprise art project that you will be able to take back home to your sacred space. Our first adventure will be a trip to the Stewart Mineral Springs where we will be blessed to clear and cleanse in the sacred waters. Balancing, cleansing, releasing, and opening to receive fully the love that we are! The next day we will journey up the mountain each of us going on our own intentional journey, receiving messages from spirit and coming back together in ceremony and sharing in the creation of a nature mandala. Afterwards, enjoying a picnic lunch in one of the most beautiful and activating places on earth.   On our third day we will travel to Castle Lake and share in high frequency attunement as we celebrate with each other soaking up the sunshine and playing in the living waters.

In the afternoons we will have time for co-creation and invite you to share your special unique gifts as you are guided. Joshua will be offering 1-1 Coaching during these times and Alysha will be offering Energy Healing. You can also use this as downtime to read a book or explore the beauty of the property, take a nap,  it is entirely up to you. 

Evenings will be filled with nourishing food and vibrational medicine. Jamie Lu, Sound Healer, will be blessing us with angelic sounds and we are invited to relax and renew and listen to the crystal medicine bowls and other healing instruments.  She will also be introducing us to her and her beloved’s creation “The Omni-Core” and we will be sharing in an activating meditation. The next evening will share in ceremony around the fire, singing together in unity and connection. And on our last night together, we will adorn ourselves in white and paint healing symbols and empowering words on our bodies. Sharing our loving support with each other as we truly align with our heart’s authentic expression in this life. We will have refreshing and uplifting beverages as we have a special someone to document the moments as we rejoice and uplift together.  Our guest DJ comes to us from the heart of Mount Shasta and we will have an amazing time sharing in ecstatic dance journey and closing the night with our higher self commitments spoken and shared with the group. We ask you bring something to the retreat that represents to you your higher self knowing with the intention to fully align with your highest timeline potential in this life. We will connect and fully align with our chosen future self in this now, together we rise, together we rejoice! 

This retreat is an all inclusive retreat, which means that everything we just mentioned above is included in the price. The only expenses not included would be your transportation to and from the retreat. 

So if you want to spend a transformational weekend in conscious connection, then this retreat is for you!

We look forward to sharing this experience in community.  Sending you so much Light & Love! 

Joshua & Alysha